Top 4 Essential Computer Components to Have in PC

Published: 09th February 2012
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Whether you are a professional Hollywood production editor or a parent who just wants to make something to share with the family on YouTube, anyone that creates multimedia content wants it to look great. In the not too distant past, this meant expensive equipment, tons of software and a team of people. Today, because of advances in technology and the expansive availability of computer components online, even a very basic PC can turn out impressive content with just a few simple additions. By adding an extra hard drive, a TV capture card, a multi-card reader and an upgraded sound card, an aspiring director, producer, or home-office media mogul can dramatically improve the quality of their work.

One of the simplest ways to get started is to add an extra hard drive, whether internal or external, that can be used as a scratch space for storing large files. Capturing raw video from screen casts, streaming media, or an external digital camera not only takes up a considerable amount of space but performing all those write requests also degrades the computer's performance. Adding a second drive creates a dedicated storage area for large files and makes the capture process faster.

Another necessary addition is the television capture card. People who shop for computers rarely include this useful component at the time of purchase but for the savvy media creator and consumer it is certainly a must have item. Any good video capture card will allow the attachment of external devices including a VCR, analog camcorder, and even a cable television hookup directly into the computer. This makes it easy to get things like old home movies into the digital world to be edited, backed up and eventually released to the intended audience.

A common problem faced by aspiring photographers and cameramen is how to deal with the dizzying array of storage options found in todayís cameras. Whether you are using a the latest SDHC device or an ancient long forgotten flash media standard, it is important to be able to get the files off of the camera and on to your computer. To this end most discerning users turn to a multi-function card reader. These devices accept a variety of memory types including SDHC, Compact Flash, USB, SD MMC greatly simplifying the world of digital media storage. Installing one of these card readers allows content creators to stop wasting time trying to get the files onto the computer and start spending time capturing and editing new content.

The final, often overlooked piece of a great media presentation is the music and sound. Too often it seems that a wonderful production can be ruined because it lacks a moving and compelling musical accompaniment, or because it has inaudible dialogue from poor quality audio recording. Once again the modern computer can stand in for the sound-stages of yore. The addition of a quality sound card allows a content creator to capture and edit the various intonations of the world around them. A professional quality card lets you add special effects, live musical performances, or even an external microphone recording of dialogue, which can add a bit of polish to any production.

Shopping for computer components online can be a daunting task when you donít know what tools to buy. Taking a few minutes to understand the various features of all of the products listed here can save you a lot of time and money, and ensure that the proper tool for the job is available when you need it. It is now easier than ever to create and share great looking multimedia content with just a few simple additions to your existing computer.

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